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ProjectReview of National Energy Efficiency Strategy
Client Energy Intensive User Group of Southern Africa (EIUG)
Description The EIUG requested Camco to provide a detailed analysis and set of comments on the daft National Energy Efficiency Strategy (Second Review), as published by the South African Department of Energy in November 2012.
Period 2013
ProjectSouth Africa's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Mitigation Potential Analysis
Client GIZ
Description Camco and its partners are working with the GIZ and the Department of Environmental Affairs to (i) project GHG emissions into the future at both industry sector and national levels (thereby establishing an updated emissions baseline in the absence of further mitigation initiatives); (ii) identify and analyse mitigation opportunities in key sectors of the economy; and (iii) conduct a socio-economic and environmental assessment of the identified mitigation options.
Period 2012 to ongoing
 ProjectRenewable Energy Feed-In Tariff
 Client Botswana Department of Energy
 Description Camco worked with the Department of Energy and Botswana Power Corporation on the development of guidelines and an avoided cost/levelised cost model for the implementation of feed-in tariffs for small-scale renewables.
 Period 2010 – 2011
 ProjectRenewable Energy Feed-In Tariff
 Client Uganda Transmission Company
 Description Camco, in partnership with Power Networks (U) Limited, completed a study to establish the cost structure and applicable feed-in tariffs for alternative energy generation technologies for Uganda. The study comprised a situational analysis of the power and renewables sector; an assessment of avoided cost of the existing grid; an analysis of tariffs for priority technologies; an assessment of the potential subsidy requirements; and an analysis of the policy, regulatory and fiscal framework to implement the feed-in tariffs.
 Period 2009 - 2010
 ProjectRenewable Energy Feed-in Tariff
 Client National Energy Regulator of South Africa
 Description Camco worked with PDG in the design of a feed-in tariff policy and a supporting financial model for the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA). The feed-in tariff was designed to support the development of a viable renewable energy sector in South Africa.
Period 2007 - 2008
 ProjectNet-Metering Rules and Standards
 Client Electricity Control Board of Namibia
 Description Camco is currently working with Blueprint Consulting to design the rules and standards for the introduction of a net-metering programme in Namibia, in particular for solar PV and micro wind systems. This programme is designed to encourage the rollout of distributed renewable energy generation in Namibia.
 Period 2012 to ongoing
 ProjectUrban Energy Efficiency Development In 3 Pilot Cities In Sub-Saharan Africa
 Client World Bank
 Description Camco, in partnership with Verco, has been commissioned by the World Bank to assist municipal governments in the Sub-Saharan African region in formulating long-term sustainable urban energy efficiency strategies, in the context of city development plans. The objective of the assignment is to conduct a sustainable urban energy planning study in the three pilot cities that assesses their energy profile and performance, as well as prepares programmatic investment plans and policies to promote sustainable urban energy across major sectors.
 Period 2012 to ongoing
 ProjectUganda’s Rural Electrification Agency and Rural Electrification Fund
 Client World Bank, Sida, Swiss Development Cooperation and NORAD
 Description Camco worked with the Ugandan Ministry of Energy and Minerals to write the law creating the first rural electrification agency and rural electrification fund in Africa. Camco assisted in developing the criteria for selecting projects for financing and the selection of the institution for managing the fund. Camco developed the framework for evaluating the social, environmental, economic and development situation for evaluating prospective projects.
 Period 2000 to 2005
 ProjectEthiopian Energy Access Program/Rural Electrification Agency
 Client World Bank
 Description Camco provided technical, management and organizational assistance to the Ethiopian government for the creation of the Ethiopian Rural Electrification Fund.
 Period 2002 - 2003
 ProjectMozambique Rural Energy Fund
 Client World Bank
 Description Under the World Bank’s “Rural and Renewable Energy Initiative”, the project created a fund for the financing of rural isolated mini grids, including project selection criteria and evaluation.
 Period 2004 - 2005
 ProjectZambian Rural Electrification Agency and Rural Electrification Fund
 Client Sida, World Bank and Norwegian NORAD
 Description Camco worked with the Zambian Ministry of Energy to define the mandate of the REA, to write terms of reference for REA staff, develop operational manuals, set criteria for project financing decisions and identify the first five “flagship” projects.
 Period 2003 - 2010
 ProjectTanzanian Rural Energy Agency and Rural Energy Fund
 Client World Bank, Sida, NORAD and the European Union
 Description Camco worked with the Tanzanian Ministry of Energy and Minerals to create the agency for the support of rural energy projects. Camco also conducted the pre-feasibility studies of the first eight “flagship” projects, some of which have come to fruition. Assisted in drafting the Rural Energy Law, which created the Rural Energy Agency, the Rural Energy Fund and the utility regulator, the Energy and Water Utility Regulatory Agency (EWURA).
 Period 2003 - 2006
 ProjectDevelopment of Fast Start Finance Case for Mitigation Activities in Southern Africa
 Client UK Department for International Development (DFID)
 Description Camco was contracted by DFID to develop a case for leveraging Fast Start funding for climate change mitigation activities in Southern Africa. The focus of the Fast Start study was to identify and assess a range of mitigation options in Southern Africa, including opportunities of a regional nature, with an emphasis on the energy and power sector. Under the first phase of the project, Camco provided an analysis of key mitigation opportunities in 12 Southern African countries, including initiatives related to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and Southern African Power Pool (SAPP). The final phase of the project consisted of developing the case for supporting 1-2 priority mitigation projects, based on the use of UK Fast Start funding.
 Period 2010 - 2011
 ProjectFostering Private Investment in Small Renewable Generation Capacity in Uganda: Financial Proposal
 Client KfW Entwicklungsbank
 Description Camco provided advisory services on a project designed to promote private investment in small renewable (1MW-20MW) projects in Uganda. The project identified and analysed the major obstacles preventing the development of small renewable projects, assessed the support mechanisms of the Uganda Energy Credit Capitalisation Corporation (UECCC) to address these obstacles, and designed new financial mechanisms to better enable the UECCC to assist projects to move towards feasibility study, financial close and implementation.
 Period 2010 - 2011
 ProjectStudy on the Socio-Economic Impacts and Regulatory Framework Requirements for a Solar PV Feed-in Tariff in South Africa
 Client Sharp
 Description Camco was appointed by Sharp to carry out a study on the socio-economic impacts and regulatory framework requirements for the introduction of a Solar PV Feed-in-Tariff (PVFIT) in South Africa. The study reviewed local market conditions and international best practices to assess the potential for application to the South African market and the most appropriate ways to structure an implementable Solar PVFIT.
 Period 2008 - 2009
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