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Carbon and Energy Management 

Camco provides carbon and energy management advice to a range of industrial, commercial and public sector clients. We do this by helping to reduce carbon emissions and improving energy management through energy efficiency measures. 

Camco integrates all components of a robust carbon and energy management strategy and aligns these to an organisation’s existing strategic and operational decision making processes to deliver long-term, sustainable benefits.

Camco provides strategic carbon management advice, helping business to respond to climate change and manage climate-related risks. We assist business leaders to develop innovative and market leading strategies and action plans to meet their low or zero carbon aspirations. Our insight helps ensure that energy and carbon programmes are focused to deliver the greatest return on investment and are directly linked to core business priorities.

Camco provides energy cost reductions to industrial, commercial and public sector clients around the world through technical capability, financial expertise and expert advice. Camco has experience in auditing energy/utility consumption and carbon emissions across a range of sectors and regions. Camco understands where key energy efficiency opportunities lie, and provides exact calculations that target costs, savings and financing opportunities, enabling clients to choose the best possible solution for their operations.

Service Offerings 

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions assessments
  • Carbon management strategies and action plans
  • Internal and external reporting (including CDP and WDP)
  • Emission reduction project identification and development
  • Energy and utility audits
  • Energy efficiency strategies and programmes
  • Energy efficiency reporting
  • Project development services


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