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Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

Camco Advisory Services (Kenya) Ltd (Camco), formerly known as Energy for Sustainable Development Africa (ESDA), offers a depth of experience in policy, planning and strategy, underpinned by a solid technical foundation. We have been shaping national, regional and impacting international policies on climate change and energy for over 20 years.

From technology and socio-economic research, to analysis and forecasting, the team provides advice and support in developing legislations, policies and strategies on regulatory and institutional framework development with climate change coordination highlighted as a cross-cutting issue in development planning.

Service Offerings:

  • National/regional climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • Policy and regulatory development in climate change and energy
  • Analysing climate change impacts with specific reference to natural resource management, land use, forestry, agriculture, agro-forestry and energy 
  • Climate change vulnerability and impact assessment
  • Input in land-based resources policy (forestry, wildlife, water, energy resources, etc)
  • Sustainable biomass and charcoal policy.
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