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Project Development

Camco is one of the world’s leading carbon project developers and has spearheaded the development of innovative carbon asset solutions for prominent organisations across the globe.

The Camco team specialises in delivering high quality, voluntary carbon certificates to the European and North American markets. The team has notable experience in developing carbon credits for sustainable land-use and forestry projects, which generate significant social and economic value for the participating communities

We have been involved in the development of innovative renewable energy projects such as wind, biogas and solar systems throughout Africa. Hence, Camco has established strong links with private sector groups, community groups and associations, professional, scientific and academic institutions working in renewable energy.  The company frequently draws on these expertise for specific technical skills to design innovative projects.

Service Offerings:

  • Feasibility studies to assess the technical, practical and financial viability of projects for qualification against different standards (such as Plan Vivo, REDD, CCB and VCS)
  • Project Design Document (PDD) development (includes carbon modelling, additionality tests, risk assessments, leakage assessments and design of monitoring, reporting and verification systems).
  • Guidance to set up the institutional and legal structures required for project validation.
  • Develop systems for the aggregation of carbon assets (particularly relevant to community based–smallholder land use programs).


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