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Solar Rooftop Leasing Program

Camco finances the procurement and installation of solar energy systems and operates them on behalf of commercial and residential customers. Our customers lease the system and enjoy the long-term benefits of secure, reliable and clean energy.

Why you should consider the Camco leasing programme:

  • Solar Rooftop leasingAbsence of upfront costs : Instead of investing your capital into non-core assets, you enter a long-term operating lease with no upfront costs.
  • Security of supply and delivery: We install state-of-the-art solar energy systems – covered by warranties and maintenance plans – that address your needs for predictable and sustained operations.
  • Savings on monthly electricity bills: with our leasing program you simply pay a fixed monthly lease that locks in a predictable, long-term price escalation well below published utility rates. The solar energy system will replace energy from the municipality resulting in a significantly reduced municipal electricity bill.
  • Options at end-of-lease: after the initial contract period of the lease agreement, you have one of the three options:
    • extend the operating lease at significantly-reduced monthly rates
    • purchase the solar energy system at a discounted price
    • request a decommissioning of the solar energy system


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