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Agriculture, Land use and Sustainable Forestry

Camco has been at the fore-front of developing sustainable Biomass through Sustainable Charcoalwoody crops for private sector and REDD (Reduced Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) projects for governments in the region, leading multi-national companies, international organisations and a wide range of community organisations. The overall aim is to help build a sustainable approach to establishment of biomass and development of REDD projects for organisations and communities in Africa.

Camco possesses in-house expertise who have helped organisations and communities develop carbon projects  using various standards such as  Plan VivoCCB,VCS and REDD

Unsustainable charcoal production and consumption is the greatest environmental problem in sub-Saharan Africa. African forestland is harvested for the inefficient production of charcoal, consumed inefficiently (in the absence of fuel efficient stoves), without parallel tree planting. The result is extreme levels of deforestation and forest degradation.

Service Offerings:

  • Technical, economic and policy support to sustainable land use projects.
  • Design and implementation of forestry projects (REDD+) to facilitate the generation of carbon credits and develop mechanisms to access carbon markets
  • Practical and financial viability of projects for qualification against different standards, project design document development
  • Guidance to setup the institutional and legal structures required for project validation,
  • Preparation for project validation and development of systems for aggregation of carbon assets
  • Training and capacity building on the impacts, challenges and opportunities in natural resource activities
  • Developing strategies and markets to promote sustainable biomass production



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