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Sustainable Forestry Project Highlights

ProjectBiomass Energy and Domestic Energy Strategy for Sierra Leone
Client European Union Energy Initiative, Partnership Development Facility
Description With Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Agriculture, Camco assisted in the development of a national biomass energy strategy (primarily addressing the problem of unsustainable charcoal production and use). After relevant ministries agreed on a common vision for a future sustainable biomass sector, the project developed the strategic steps and budget required to realize that vision. The project also included a significant public awareness-raising element.
Period 2012 to 2014
ProjectBiomass Energy for Tanzania (BEST)
Client European Union Energy Initiative, Partnership Development Facility
Description With the Tanzanian Ministry of Energy and Minerals, this project was the same as the above.
Period 2012 to 2014
 ProjectBriquetting Factory Feasibility Study
 Client Private entrepreneur
 Description Camco was engaged by a private entrepreneur to study the feasibility of launching a modern mechanised briquetting factory in the Morogoro Region of Tanzania. After concluding that the venture was attractive, the factory reached financial closure before opening. It will produce ten tons of carbonized briquettes daily, providing a substitute for traditional unsustainable charcoal for consumers in Morogoro town and Dar es Salaam. The factory will draw 50% of its power (100kWp) from solar PV.
 Period 2013 to 2014
 ProjectDar Charcoal Project
 Client World Wildlife Fund and Barclays Bank
 Description This large multi-year project for WWF and Barclays Bank UK is the result of an earlier charcoal study (Situation Analysis of Charcoal Dynamics, Energy Policies and Possibilities of Switching to Alternatives) and the national charcoal sector stakeholders’ workshop conducted in 2007. At this workshop, a permanent Sustainable Charcoal and Fuel Switching Task Force was launched, with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism as the Permanent Chair and WWF as the Permanent Secretary. The task force was assigned the responsibility for developing a comprehensive programme of interventions to address the charcoal sector’s problems, beginning with a project targeting the Dar es Salaam charcoal market. Camco Tanzania was hired to design this programme. The Dar Charcoal Project is a multi-year initiative piloted by WWF, the Forestry and Beekeeping Division of the MNRT and Camco Tanzania. The initial pilot phase of the project began in 2009 and includes twelve villages in Kisarawe and Rufiji Districts, providing extension services for nursery development, tree planting, sustainable management of productive forest, efficient wood to charcoal conversion, and sustainable charcoal marketing. The project will provide voluntary carbon credits to villages engaged in sustainable charcoal production. For this purpose a non-profit company, TanCarbon Market Limited.
 Period 2010 - 2011
 ProjectPlan Vivo Programme with Rural Communities in Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique)
 Client Various (from Vi Skogen – Swedish NGO – to Clinton Hunter Foundation, from European Commission to Norwegian Government)
 Description Camco has been pioneering the Plan Vivo model in Africa, originally developed with strong DFID support back in the 1990s in Chiapas, Mexico. Plan Vivo is an innovative programme developed by Camco to promote improved land use and community development, whilst contributing towards a low carbon future. The Plan Vivo system is essentially a set of guidelines, procedures and standards to provide certified carbon offsets from rural communities in developing countries through activities aimed at restoring ecosystems; preventing land degradation; conserving biodiversity; protecting watersheds and promoting sustainable livelihoods. The Plan Vivo system is currently used by projects in Mexico, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Rwanda and Malawi.
Period 2003 to ongoing
 ProjectCongo Basin Initiative – REDD+ (pilot focus on Cameroon)
 Client DFID (with Norwegian Government support)
 Description Camco is working with BR&D (the Plan Vivo Foundation) and a consortium of UK stakeholders to test and pilot all aspects of REDD+ activities in the Congo Basin. These range from baselines to MRV, from working with key stakeholders (farmers, bush game hunters, loggers, artisanal small-scale miners, charcoal producers, among many others) to examine the multiple uses of the forest, the impacts, and ways of mitigating those impacts. Modalities of community participation, of changing livelihoods to result in better forest management, remediation, reforestation, avoided deforestation, among others, plus interaction with multi-country and multi-government institutions are critical to the activity.
 Period 2008 to ongoing
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