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Biogas from Organic Wastes

Converting organic waste from farms into biogasCamco works at the early stage of the biogas project development process. We put our expertise, resources and capital to work to advance projects from concept to implementation. This could entail advancing a project though the early permitting, feed stock negotiations, off-take contracting (PPA or commodity sales), engineering, technology selection and financial structuring. Camco owns and operate 6.5MW of installed capacity at two anaerobic digestions projects in Idaho. We seek to add assets through greenfield development or asset acquisition. Camco has a specialized knowledge of asset repositioning and optimization. Its development process can occur through partnerships with a project in the development track or they can develop a stand-alone project sourced and managed internally.

In the development of its projects, Camco seeks proven, time-tested technologies that are more easily under writable and provide a lower operating risk long-term. Our years of experience have shown that performance-based contracting is the best approach to create at a cost-effective project. Camco has a broad appreciation and understanding of the technologies choices available. We believe an agnostic approach to technology selection produces the lowest cost, lowest risk and highest quality end result. Though the waste to energy market technologies are similar, feedstocks, throughput, permitting constraints, and commercial realities demand customized engineering and commercial solutions. Our approach reduces the overall risk for both financing and long-term operations.

Camco understand the development process its myriad risks. Our position in the market is unique and our capabilities can help convert good ideas into operating assets. We invest our resources and capital to develop projects and commercial arrangements that are practical and financeable. We may provide all or a portion of the project equity required.

We develop biogas projects that convert waste streams from:

  • Manure (dairy cow, chicken, pig)
  • Waste water (e.g. palm oil, tapioca, sugar cane)
  • Food waste

The energy produced can be:

  • Sold to the grid as renewable energy, typically enjoying higher tariffs depending on national policy
  • Used on-site to displace higher GHG emission fuel, e.g. diesel, coal, etc.
  • Sold as renewable gas, i.e compressed natural gas for use in transport, cooking, or portable energy supply
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