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Carbon Desktop: A CRC Software Solution

Published on 8th July 2009

Camco launches Carbon Desktop, an innovative software solution that helps UK business meet their Carbon Reduction Commitment compliance while realising value through carbon and energy reduction. Our Carbon Desktop is an innovative online CRC software tool that enables business to prepare, report and manage their CRC strategy. With unique features...

Camco registers its first project with the Gold Standard

Published on 9th June 2009

Camco Group (Camco) is pleased to announce that it has achieved registration of its first Gold Standard project, which is only the second Gold Standard Verified Emission Reduction project to ever be registered in China. The wind power project is expected to generate 120,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions per year, and the ...

Year of the CRC: Millstone or Golden Opportunity?

Published on 11th May 2009

Sustainable Business Magazine Paul Ruyssevelt is strategic project director at Camco with extensive experience of carbon management for private and public sector clients, sustainable energy strategies for major mixed-use building developments and post-occupancy evaluation of building performance.  Read the full article here : SB online ...

ECCM to assess Yell’s CO2

Published on 11th May 2009

Camco’s specialist emission assessment division, the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, has once again been appointed by Yell Group to measure the CO2 emissions of its operations across its UK, US, Spain and Latin American businesses. The results of this assessment will be used to help identify and realise other potential carbon reducti...

DEC: Its the real thing

Published on 5th May 2009

BSD:Building Sustainable Design Magazine Dr Robert Cohen is technical director of Camco, a member of the CLG’s technical steering group for DECs and creator of the EPLabel software which generates DECs online . One of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of a building is to change the way its occupants use it. Displaying...