Official launch of European Commission's PVCROPS project including REDT battery Image

Official launch of European Commission's PVCROPS project including REDT battery

Published on 20th October 2014

REDT Energy Storage Battery inauguration Camco Clean Energy
 and REDT are pleased to announce the official launch of the European Commission's PV CROPS project which includes the successful implementation of an REDT 60kWh battery alongside a 6.6kW PV array. The formal inauguration of the system was marked by a ceremony in Evora, Portugal, attended by the Portuguese Government's General Director of Energy and Geology and other members of the PV CROPS project. This represents an important step for REDT in proving the successful operation of its battery coupled with PV generation.


The objectives of the PVCROPS project are to develop improved management, efficiency and cost reduction for renewable energy generated from solar PV installations. While today marks the official launch, the Evora system has been in operation at the University of Evora for the past 12 months, and has been successfully running though various system configurations. 


Scott McGregor, CEO of Camco Clean Energy, said:

"We are delighted to be taking part in this project showcasing how storage and PV combined provide  a disruptive technology solution. Together these technologies are set to revolutionise the energy market over the coming years. The REDT battery is ideal for integration with solar projects as its long storage durations and deep depths of discharge allow the battery to store enough energy to time shift solar power for use at night."


The battery is designed to deliver a high quality 2kW load for 2 to 3 days during periods of low solar output. The 60kWh REDT Battery installed at the agriculture and animal husbandry campus in Valverde, just outside Evora is being used to store energy produced by the PV array and results from the project show that the battery has been delivering a high charge/discharge voltage efficiency of 81%.