AgPower Jerome
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AgPower Jerome

Sector: Biogas Area of Expertise: Waste-to-energy

AgPower Jerome

Converting dairy waste into biogas

Camco Clean Energy constructed and owns a 4.5MW bio-gas power plant in Idaho, USA. The facility employs advanced technology to biologically convert dairy waste from 15,000 cows into biogas containing renewable methane that fuels three high efficiency internal combustion engine-generator sets. Waste heat from the engines is recycled to supply process heat for the five anaerobic digesters cells which results in very high thermal efficiency. The electricity produced is supplied into the local utility’s electrical distribution network. Effluent from the process is further processed into sterile, organic fibre that is recycled back to the dairy for animal bedding. The organic fibre is also integrated into horticultural products as a renewable replacement for peat moss. Liquid produced from the facility is recycled to supply the dairy with liquid fertilizer for its agricultural operations.

The power plant operates at over 94% capacity factor with an energy efficiency approaching 60%. Under a long-term power sale agreement it provides the Utility with distributed, base-load capacity.

This project solves many problems faced by dairy farms and other concentrated animal feeding operations. It eliminates the need to compost manure, purchase animal bedding, and extends maintenance intervals on the dairy’s huge wastewater lagoons by reducing sludge build-up. The project also reduces fugitive methane and volatile organic carbon emissions to the atmosphere from the dairy’s wastewater lagoon system. Biogas plants like our project in Idaho convert waste from a problem into an asset.


Generation capacity providing electricity for over 6,400 typical US households

45,00t CO2e p.a.

Greenhouse gas reduction

38,200t p.a.

Recycled organic fiber production

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