Anaerobic Digestion in Minnesota
Case Study

Anaerobic Digestion in Minnesota

Sector: Livestock manure management Area of Expertise: Biogas and Biomass

Anaerobic Digestion in Minnesota

Riverview, West River and District 45 farms in Minnesota

Managing livestock manure and converting biogas to energy

Riverview, West River and District 45 are large dairy farms in Minnesota. The farms are located in close proximity to each other and have a combined total of over 15,000 cows.

Aiming to improve production efficiency in all aspects of their farming practices and demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship, the farm owners installed GHD digesters on three farms. The installed digesters capture methane, which under previous manure management activities would have been released into the atmosphere, using it to produce electrical power while flaring off any excess gas. The clean power is fed into the local power grid.

The three dairy digester projects are registered as individual projects with the Climate Action Reserve and produce approximately 50,000 carbon credits per year as a result of the capture and destruction of biogas.


Total generator capacity

50,000 tCO2e

Total emission reductions per annum

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