Camco has over 25 years of on-the-ground experience, working with developers, governments, banks, and private investors to develop and finance clean energy projects across the globe but especially in Africa. Camco’s leading position within renewable energy allows us to provide project developers and sponsors with a trusted combination of global access and local presence, enabling them to source the right financing solutions to develop and build projects.

Rural Electrification Projects

Camco has also pioneered a number of rural electrification project delivery models, from micro grids and Sustainable Solar Market Packages to “clustering” solar home system procurements and establishing revolving loan funds for the purchase of solar lanterns.


We develop renewable energy projects around Africa – providing stable, reliable power including in remote or challenging locations. Using proven solar, hydro or wind power technology we produce energy that our customers can rely on. We develop renewable energy plants on-site, off-grid or connected to the grid.


Clean Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Camco has worked on the African continent for over 20 years. We provide strategic, policy, commercial and technical expertise, accrued over two decades, to deliver low carbon and sustainable development solutions.