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We have developed, designed, built owned and operated our own Biogas projects to generate energy from organic waste. Our biogas projects generate value by producing electricity and gas, as well as cost savings and other revenue streams such as carbon credits, tradable certificates and fibre.

Situation Analysis on the Biofuels Industry

Camco Clean Energy conducted a study supported by WWF-Tanzania Programme Office aimed at analysing the impact of the biofuels industry, globally and with particular emphasis in Tanzania.

Sector: Biomass & biofuels
Area of expertise: Policy and development


Turning agricultural waste into valuable carbon assets.

Sector: Biomass
Area of expertise: Biomass Residue to Power

Winchester Landfill Gas to Energy

Located approximately 80 miles west of Washington, DC in Frederick County, Virginia, the Winchester Landfill is the first landfill project in North America to be registered under the VCS 3 standard.

Sector: Landfill Gas
Area of expertise: Carbon offsetting