Emissions Offsetting

Emissions Offsetting

We are a leader in providing offsets to both the the EU ETS and California Cap-and-Trade compliance markets, and the voluntary market, offering exclusive direct access to one of the most diverse portfolios in the market. We understand the differing needs of our clients and cover everything from simple spot sales to structured off take arrangements to bespoke portfolios with a range of social, economic and environmental benefits for the communities they involve and enrich.

Scolel Té Project

Plan Vivo Forestry Project in Chiapas, Mexico

Sector: Community-based sustainable land use project.
Area of expertise: Reforestation, agroforestry, forest conservation and restoration.

Woodfuel Action Plan Development

Through this in-depth study which covers 12 regions of Tanzania mainland, Camco Clean Energy will develope a sustainable charcoal business plan model.

Sector: Renewable and Sustainable Energy
Area of expertise: Policy and Development