Emissions Trading

Emissions Trading

We are a leader in providing offsets to both the the EU ETS and California Cap-and-Trade compliance markets, and the voluntary market, offering exclusive direct access to one of the most diverse portfolios in the market. We understand the differing needs of our clients and cover everything from simple spot sales to structured off take arrangements to bespoke portfolios with a range of social, economic and environmental benefits for the communities they involve and enrich.


We’ve developed well over a hundred offset projects – several broke new ground as the first of their kind – and are a five time winner of Project Developer of the Year awards, most recently this year. We’ve been commissioned to help develop two of the highest standards under which projects operate – The Gold Standard and Plan Vivo.


Over the past 8 years our project development team have built one of the largest offset offerings, vertically integrated with our trading desk. We have developed a wide range of projects covering a variety of technologies- some of them the first of their kind, including solar, wind and hydro power along with forestry and land use.

Cap and Trade

California’s cap-and-trade program commenced in 2013 and is the largest cap-and-trade program outside of the EU covering almost 400 million metric tons of emissions from 2015. To provide flexibility, contain costs and incentivize the reduction of emissions from sources outside of the program the use of offsets from emissions reduction projects is