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A major advancement for industrial energy efficiency in China made possible through technology transfer

Camco Clean Energy is working with Anhui Conch Cement Company Limited, the largest cement producer in China, on a programme of energy efficiency projects at multiple Conch production facilities. The projects all use Japanese advanced high efficiency waste heat recovery technology, never before commercially financed in China, and utilise the waste heat for onsite power generation.

This project is a major step towards improving China's industrial efficiency. It illustrates how carbon financing can be used to make energy efficiency projects economically viable, and shows how large producers can leverage their scale to achieve large aggregated emission reductions across their portfolio.

"Conch and Camco Clean Energy are both leading companies in their own sectors and are both committed to putting environmental protection and energy saving as a top priority. When we filtered various CDM developers, we chose Camco Clean Energy and we are confident we made the correct decision.

The Ningguo Waste Heat Recovery and Utilisation for Power Generation Project has been registered successfully within the EB; and even though we met many difficulties in one project, we still worked closely, concentrating the efforts of our core teams, thrashing out every issue to ensure other projects have now been submitted to the EB. We hope can bring more social, economic and environmental value through CDM projects.
Yang Peilin Deputy Director Conch Group"

The projects all capture waste heat from the cement making process that was previously vented into the atmosphere. It is utilised to produce power in onsite power plants ranging in size from 8 to 47 MW. Once fully installed, the Conch series will collectively deliver greenhouse gas emission reductions equal to 3.3 million tCO2e per annum through displacing power that would otherwise be taken from the local grid that is dominated by coal fired power.

China's cement sector is over 33% less energy efficient than the global average, so importantly this series of projects will improve the energy efficiency of China's cement sector per unit of output. Also, by harnessing the waste heat, the temperature of the vented air is reduced, resulting in significant reductions in water usage.

In 1998, a Japanese heavy industries company successfully demonstrated a similar technology at Conch's Ninguo facility, but it was not adopted within the Chinese cement sector as it has never been financially viable. Camco Clean Energy has worked closely with Anhui Conch Cement Company Limited enabling them to access carbon financing to make this series of projects possible.

This is the first commercially financed advanced technology high efficiency waste heat recovery project in China's cement sector, and the first project of its kind not to require an international grant.

8 to 47 MW

on-site power plants

3,300,000 tCO2e

Emission reductions per annum

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