Dallas Landfill Gas Recovery Facility
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Dallas Landfill Gas Recovery Facility

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Dallas Landfill Gas Recovery Facility

Developed Landfill site sold for $19.1M

In 2008 Camco Clean Energy sold Dallas Clean Energy LLC, its landfill gas recovery facility in Dallas Texas. Camco owned and operated the landfill gas recovery site until selling the asset in 2008 at 68% IRR. The gas recovery facility was sold to Clean Energy Fuels Corp, a leading provider of natural gas (CNG and LNG) for transportation, for $19.1M. 

The site in Dallas was the 3rd largest renewable natural gas plant in the USA, with a gas output of around 3,850dTh/day. Camco originally invested $12.25M towards the significant expansion of its operations to recover substantially more methane. The recovery of more methane allowed for an increase in renewable gas sales into the Texas and interstate gas markets, providing attractive and diversified investment returns. The increased methane recovery also reduced the impact that the landfill gas emissions would otherwise have had on global warming, allowing for the sale of environmental credits (either Verified Emissions Reductions or Renewable Energy Credits) associated with the capture of methane and resulting fossil fuel displacement.

$12.5 M


$19.1 M

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