Honiton Baotou Bailingmiao Wind Farm phase 2
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Honiton Baotou Bailingmiao Wind Farm phase 2

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Honiton Baotou Bailingmiao Wind Farm phase 2

Renewable energy from wind

The Honiton wind farm is located in Bailingmiao Town, Damao County, Baotou city of Inner Mongolia, P.R. China. Phase 2 of the project has an installed capacity of 50 MW with 40 sets of 1250 kW SUZLON turbines. The project generates renewable electricity by utilizing wind power, which is being fed into the North China Power Grid (NCPG) on the basis of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the government. The project will reduce GHG emissions and is a Gold Standard Verified Emission Reduction (GS VER) project.

The project’s net electricity production is expected to be 111 GWh per year, offsetting an equivalent amount that would otherwise be supplied by the primarily coal based electricity on the NCPG. A 32 km 220kV transmission line has been built to connect the wind farm to the local substation.

Rapid growing industry has created chronic air pollution as well as severe water shortages, due to the vast quantities of water consumed by fossil fuel power stations and coal mines in the region. Construction of the Honiton wind farm displaced fossil fuel capacity, thereby reducing emissions of local air pollutants (including SO2, NOx and particulates) and global greenhouse gases. In addition, operation of a wind farm uses significantly less water than the equivalent fossil fuel sized plant, an issue of increasing importance in the region.

Sustainable Development Benefits

  • Construction of the project provided over 100 jobs as well as creating 25 permanent jobs for the operation period. Employees have received training in both technical aspects of the windfarm and health and safety.
  • Construction materials for the turbine foundations, transmission cables and access roads has been sourced and supplied locally, further contributing to the development of the local economy.
  • Construction of the wind farm was designed to minimise impacts on the local environment. Following excavation, soil was back-filled and re-seeded. It is expected that the land will be fully remediated after a few years.
  • The project owner has also established the “Charity English program” and one qualified English teacher has been hired by Honiton to provide free English lessons to the students of a local Mongolian school.
  • The project owner consulted extensively with local people during the design, construction and operation of both phases of the wind farm. When the first phase started operation, local residents unanimously agreed that the wind farm was having a positive effect on the local economy and no issues were raised regarding measures taken to protect the local environment.
116,607 tCO2e

Emission reductions during the first crediting period

111 GWh

Electricity generated per year

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