Improved Forest Management in Alaska
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Improved Forest Management in Alaska

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Improved Forest Management in Alaska

Afognak Island, Alaska

Converting a forest threatened by clear cutting to protected forest status and generating carbon credits.

Camco Clean Energy is working with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the American Lands Conservancy to develop the first forest carbon offset project in the state of Alaska. This improved forest management project is setting a positive precedent for effective environmental collaboration between non-profit organizations, State and Federal government agencies and local Native Communities.

Preserving approximately 8,000 acres of mature forest on Northern Afognak Island will protect vital spawning habitats and maintain the area’s salmon and herring fishery, on which local community members depend. Five salmon species spawn in project land drainages, providing a key food source for Kodiak bears, eagles, Steller sea lions and other marine animals. The project’s forested lands provide habitat for bear and elk populations and the waters surrounding the project lands are home to humpback whales.

Our team worked with professional foresters to design a monitoring plan for the forest and installed permanent monitoring plots in the fall of 2011. In 2012, the verification of the project will be complete and credits will be registered with a leading North American offset registry. The project is expected to yield hundreds of thousands of credits.

8,000 acres

area coverage

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