Jablanica - Macedonia Hydropower Plant
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Jablanica - Small Hydropower Plant in the Republic of Macedonia

Sector: Renewables Area of Expertise: Small Hydro

Jablanica - Small Hydropower Plant in the Republic of Macedonia

3.347 MW Grid Connected power plant CDM project

This CDM project involves the development of 3.347 MW run-of-the river grid-connected power plant in the Republic of Macedonia. It is expected to generate 10,411MWh of electricity per year and achieve GHG emission reductions of 10ktCO2e/year through carbon intensive power from the Macedonian grid. Jablanica is expected to commence operation in early 2015.

The project site is located near the village of Piskupstina, municipality of Struga, Macedonia - a rural area officially recognized by the state as being undeveloped. The area will benefit from a number of temporary and permanent jobs created during the plant's construction and operation. Other expected benefits include profit for local businesses (for example from accommodations, catering, and material supply), improved energy and road infrastructure, and increased level of awareness of the importance of nature preservation and renewable resources utilization.

This project is the first Compound Programme Activity (CPA) in the Programme of Activities (PoA) “Macedonian Microscale Grid-connected Hydroelectricity Programme” which aims to support the development of a series of small scale hydroplants in the Republic of Macedonia. Camco Clean Energy is responsible for the development of CDM- related documentation and monitoring of actual emission reductions resulting from the projects’ implementation.

Small hydropower contributes to climate change mitigation efforts through the grids' de-carbonization and the decentralization of generation capacities. Many barriers for its streamlined deployment are still present in Macedonia: financial hurdles, administrative and bureaucratic bottlenecks, low social awareness and understanding. CDM financing and capacity building provide support for project owners in overcoming these challenges.

3.347 MW

installed capacity

over 10,000 MWh

of clean energy per year

10ktCO2e GHG

emission reductions per annum

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