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Sector: Iron and steel Area of Expertise: Waste Gas to Heat


Setting the standard for China's Iron & Steel industry

Widely regarded as the benchmark CDM project for the Chinese coke production industry, Jigang is the largest waste gas project under the CDM/JI and has been named 'China's most environmentally friendly iron & steel works' by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of People’s Republic of China.

"Jigang was recently named 'China's most environmentally friendly iron & steel works' by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of People’s Republic of China."

Located in Jinan, the provincial capital of Shandong Province, China, this is the largest project of its kind to be registered with the CDM and it is widely regarded as the benchmark CDM project in the Chinese iron and steel industry. The project captures waste gases from the steel making process and utilises them in a newly installed combined cycle power plant (CCPP). A 544 MW CCPP generates 2,295,000 MWh of electricity per annum, delivering greenhouse gas emission reductions equal to 2,089,883 tCO2e per annum through displacing power that would otherwise be taken from the local power grid

The Jigang project highlights Camco Clean Energy's active involvement in the modernisation of China's iron and steel sector striving to meet the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) goals and targets for increased industrial efficiency. The project serves as demonstration project for the turbine manufacturer who is using Jigang as a springboard to implement similar technologies elsewhere in China's iron and steel sector.

Recycling and utilisation of waste gases within the iron and steel industry is not common practice in China where waste gases are commonly flared or vented into the atmosphere. These gases have a low heat value and require cleaning to remove impurities and render them usable.

"Naturally, we are very pleased our BOG and COG Utilisation for Combined Cycle Power CDM Project has registered and delivered CERs successfully. Camco Clean Energy’s end-to-end project development model provides the right platform for a good cooperation and as an environmentally friendly company, we are energetically working with Camco Clean Energy, following the government’s policy and attach high importance to environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction.
Chen Qixiang President Jinan Iron and Steel Works Group Company Limited"

This project captures the surplus waste gases from Jigang's coke oven and blast furnace, and utilises them to produce electricity in 544 MW of custom modified gas turbines that are specifically designed to burn the low heat value fuel. The system incorporates a combination of gas and steam turbine technology that is not yet commercially established in China.

Camco Clean Energy worked closely with Jinan Iron and Steel to devise an innovative commercialisation strategy for the project’s emission reductions, achieving voluntary and regulated carbon credit sales, and allowing our client to maximise the revenue from their carbon assets pre- and post-CDM registration.


CCPP capacity


Electriciy per annum

2,089,883 tCO2e

Emission reductions per annum

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