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Sector: Biomass Area of Expertise: Biomass Residue to Power


Turning agricultural waste into valuable carbon assets.

Camco Clean Energy is working with Wuhan Kaidi Holding Investment Company Limited on a series of 12 biomass residue to power projects located across China.

The Kaidi projects employ circulating fluidised bed (CFB) technology to harness power from locally sourced waste biomass such as rice husk, rice straw, wheat straw and corn straw.

The projects have a cumulative capacity of 360 MW and deliver greenhouse gas emission reductions equal to 2 million tCO2e per annum. This is achieved by replacing coal fired power on the local power grid. The projects also provide heat to local businesses, displacing coal fired boilers, while reducing methane emissions from decaying biomass that is currently dumped or burned in uncontrolled fires.

Camco Clean Energy devised an innovative application strategy for Kaidi that structured the project into two phases, allowing the registration risk to be managed more effectively.

This series of projects demonstrates how carbon financing can be used to achieve economic viability for biomass power technology which, until now, has been seen as marginal. Biomass to power is a technology which is showing huge potential for CDM development and this project establishes Camco as a leading market player in development and registration of complex biomass CDM projects.


Biomass projects

2m tCO2e

Emission reductions per annum

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