Landfill Gas Capture & Destruction in North Carolina
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Landfill Gas Capture & Destruction in North Carolina

Sector: Landfill Gas Area of Expertise: Landfill Gas Capture and Destruction

Landfill Gas Capture & Destruction in North Carolina

Mt. Herman Landfill, North Carolina

Capturing and destroying methane gas instead of releasing it into the atmosphere.

The Mt. Herman landfill site is a closed landfill in North Carolina containing approximately 1.2 million tons of waste. Prior to a gas collection system being installed in 2007, methane produced by the anaerobic decomposition of the waste was vented to the atmosphere.

Camco Clean Energy operates the collection system at the site and maintains a flare, which is used to combust and destroy the gas. Revenue from the generation and sale of the carbon credits produced through the destruction of the gas funded the initial investment to install the collection system and flare and pays for the ongoing maintenance and operation of the site.

The project is registered to the Climate Action Reserve’s Landfill Protocol version 3.0

12,000 tonnes CO2e

Annual emissions savings

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