Merino PV at Bethlehem Hydro Plant
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Merino Photovoltaic Power Station

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Merino Photovoltaic Power Station

5MW solar photovoltaic power plant for the South African grid

The Merino project involves the development of a 5MW solar photovoltaic power plant that will supply electricity to the South African power grid. The project site is on the grounds of the Bethlehem Hydro power plant, located approximately 16km south of Bethlehem, Free State, South Africa. It is expected to commence construction in early 2014 to begin commercial operation late that year.

The project will seek to qualify for the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP) under which the South African government plans to secure 3,725 MW of renewable energy capacity by 2016. The project is expected to generate 9,000MWh of electricity per year and achieve 8.9ktCO2e greenhouse gas emission reductions through displacing carbon intensive power on the Eskom grid.

The project site benefits from strong solar irradiation and is complemented by the existing hydro power plant on site. The existing infrastructure provides road access, security, grid and substation access. As a result, the further installation of solar PV modules on the site will have a negligible environmental impact while providing full times jobs to this rural area during the construction and operation phases.

Camco Clean Energy has included this project as the first CDM Programme Activity (CPA) in its Small Scale Grid-connected Solar Power Programme. By utilising extensive technical expertise and track record in CDM project registrations, Camco has executed the development of this carbon project to deliver maximum value to the project owner.

"Camco Clean Energy has proven to be the right choice for our CPA. The cooperation was excellent
the response time minimal and the whole process actually enjoyable} Florian Kroeber, Managing Director, Astrum Energy"


installed capacity


Electricity generated per year

93,000 tonnes

estimated emission reductions

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