Singita Lodges Emission Assessment
Case Study

Singita Lodges Emission Assessment

Sector: Tourism Area of Expertise: Emissions Assessment

Singita Lodges Emission Assessment

Our assessment covered the greenhouse gas emissions arising from the Singita Lodges operations which is comprised of Faru, Sabora Plain and Sasakawa Lodges.

The assessment methodology followed the reporting principles and guidelines provided by the WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

The assessment included:

  • the premises' electricity
  • kerosene
  • LPG
  • company owned vehicles
  • business travel
  • deliveries by third parties
  • waste disposal
  • refrigerant gas loss
  • fire extinguishers

Recommendations based on the assessment include the implementation of an internal system for recording and submitting data required for greenhouse gas emission assessment. In addition, we recommended the review of its emission profile annually so that any changes in emissions can be monitored.

Our team of energy experts concluded that Singita should offset all emissions through offset projects including technology offsets such as fuel switching or forestry offset schemes.

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