Sub-Saharan African Feed-In Tariffs
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Sub-Saharan African Feed-In Tariffs

Sector: Renewable Energy Area of Expertise: Policy and Development

Sub-Saharan African feed-in tariffs

Working with African Governments to promote the deployment of renewable energy

Internationally, renewable energy feed-in tariffs (REFIT) have a strong track record in promoting the deployment of renewables, leading to a reduction in costs and encouraging the establishment of a local renewable energy industry through the provision of A REFIT scheme is multi-facetted, including political, legislative, technical, social, financial, economic, cultural and planning dimensions, which all need to be addressed in order to make the feed-in tariff effective.

In developing countries, renewable energy and feed-in tariffs can play a significant role in supporting macro-economic development objectives by increasing energy security and energy access, contributing to job creation and overall sustainable development.

Over the past three years, Camco Clean Energy has been working with a number of Governments in sub-Saharan Africa on the development of renewable energy feed-in tariffs, including South Africa, Uganda and Botswana. Our work has included:

  • The development of network avoided cost and levelised cost tariff models and a renewable energy scenario tool. These tools have enabled policy makers to assess the potential cost impacts of various kinds of renewable energy and establish a viable programme that will be attractive to investors while restricting negative economic impacts such as electricity price increases
  • Assisting regulators and Governments in the development of institutional guidelines and regulatory frameworks to support the implementation of the feed-in tariff

At present, Camco Clean Energy is investigating how international climate change funds can be utilised to support the expansion of feed-in tariffs in sub-Saharan Africa, in particular for higher cost technologies such as solar PV and CSP. Camco Clean Energy is also looking at the role of feed-in tariffs for off-grid rural energy programmes.

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