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Sector: Power Area of Expertise: Waste Heat and Waste Gas to Power


Camco Clean Energy’s carbon finance expertise drives the development of cutting edge technologies in China

Camco Clean Energy is working with the Taiyanggong power plant, located in the north east of Beijing, on this project to demonstrate how, with carbon financing, gas fired power generation can be economically competitive with coal fired power in China. The Taiyanggong 780 MW gas fired combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) generates 3,266 GWh of electricity per annum, displacing coal fired power on the local grid.

Gas fired power generation, although a major part of the energy mix in the OECD, is still a marginal technology in emerging markets, especially in countries such as China that have a cheap and abundant coal supply.

Burning natural gas to produce electricity emits around half the CO2 emissions per MWh than coal fired power, and as China generates 80% of its electricity from coal, CCGT technology presents a huge opportunity to decarbonise the power sector through displacing coal with natural gas.

The project will also supply waste steam to local homes and businesses, providing heating and cooling that will render 78 inefficient boilers obsolete.


CCGT capacity

3,266 GWh

Electriciy per annum

1,516,289 CERs

Emission reductions per annum

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