Xiaoyi Eurofo
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Xiaoyi Eurofo

Sector: Power Area of Expertise: Waste Gas to Power

Xiaoyi Eurofo

Improving China's Industrial Efficiency Through Technology Transfer

Located in Xiaoyi, Shanxi Province, China, this project captures waste coke oven gas and utilises it to produce power in a combined cycle power plant (CCPP). A planned 113 MW of CCPP capacity will generate 864,667 MWh of electricity per annum, and deliver greenhouse gas emission reductions equal to 849,576 tCO2e per annum through displacing power that would otherwise be taken from the local power grid.

Recycling and utilisation of waste gases within the coke production process is not common practice in China where the waste gases are commonly flared or vented into the atmosphere. These gases have a low heat value and require cleaning to remove impurities meaning they are not easy to utilise.

This project captures the surplus waste coke oven gas (COG) from four coking ovens and utilises it to produce electricity in two 56.5 MW custom modified American gas turbines that are specifically designed to burn the low heat value fuel. The system incorporates both gas and steam turbine technology that is not yet established in China.

"We are very pleased to have worked with the Camco Clean Energy team to get our Xiaoyi project registered with the CDM Executive Board. We have been impressed by the expertise of their different departments at each step of the process to date and are confident that Camco Clean Energy will continue to deliver value to us as we work to ensure that Xiaoyi will be operating and generating CERs.
Zhong Jiwen Eurofo President"

This project is the first time that advanced CCPP technology has been applied to this process on this scale. Surplus COG is plentiful in China particularly in Shanxi Province, which is home to one of the world’s largest coal coking industries. Coke production is highly polluting, and utilising the surplus waste gas to displace electric power that would otherwise have been sourced from the Chinese power grid is an excellent example of how carbon finance through the CDM can enable industrial projects to reduce their impact on both the global climate and the local environment.

Camco Clean Energy is working with Shanxi Eurofo Green Energy Company Limited to develop similar projects at Eurofo's other production facilities.

113 MW

CCPP capacity

864,667 MWh

Electriciy per annum

849,576 tCO2e

Emission reductions per annum

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