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Advantages of Emissions Trading Through Camco

Camco focuses on maximizing revenue from project emissions reductions on behalf of its clients through day-to-day asset management and optimization, policy and regulatory changes and developments and a focus on finding the best sales structure for delivered credits in the California compliance markets.

Our Projects

Asset Management

To be successful, offset projects must produce high-quality, accurate data and be bound by quality control, assurance procedures and processes. To generate a carbon offset project, developers must follow a methodology or protocol prescribed by a carbon standard. Protocols specify the information needed to produce and the procedures a developer must follow in order to generate a carbon offset. This information and the procedures followed must then be audited and verified by an independent third party, typically on an annual basis. Mistakes or omissions can result, requiring a lengthy procedure to substitute data. This may result in lower deliveries of offsets and, at worst, a project being unable to be verified.

What sets Camco North America apart? We marry expertise in the projects we manage with knowledge of the requirements needed in the carbon market. Each of our projects has a dedicated manager who oversees all aspects of the offset generation process from forecasting of offset generation, data monitoring, aggregation and reporting to selection and management of a third party verifier. We also monitor daily for the duration of a projects crediting period.

Our Asset Management Team Provides the Following Services:

  • Design and Implementation of Monitoring and Metering Solutions
  • Data Collection and Aggregation
  • Project Performance Reporting
  • Online Monitoring and Third-Party Maintenance of Monitoring and Metering Equipment
  • Project Registration and Credit Verification
  • Project Compliance With Latest Standards and Guidelines For Carbon Credit Generation

Policy and Standards

Camco has been an active participant in the development of climate change policy and carbon credit standards since the early 1990s and the signing of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. We registered our first project under the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism in 2005 and have since registered projects and generated credits under the UN’s Joint Implementation mechanism, the Verified Carbon Standard, the Gold Standard, Plan Vivo, the Climate Action Reserve and the California Air Resources Board.

In North America, we were one of the first companies to issue offsets under California’s cap-and-trade program and have the largest portfolio of offsets from livestock projects. We are currently a member of the panel developing the Nutrient Management protocol. As climate change policy advances, it is vital to be at the forefront of these changes. That’s why we are on the boards of the International Emissions Trading Association and the Carbon Markets and Investors Association and have regular dialogues with regulators in California and other standards bodies. Camco has provided input into the development of California’s cap-and-trade program since 2007. In 2011, we provided extensive input on the design of regulations governing the generation and use of carbon credits.


Camco North America has a strong track record in the marketing and sales of carbon credits. We are a publicly traded company with the resources, infrastructure and track-record to sell credits to a variety of buyers: voluntary, institutional and natural buyers in regulated compliance markets. To date, Camco has sold over $5 million worth of credits from North American projects, and internationally we've delivered over $100 million of revenue to our project owners.

We understand our clients’ desire for certainty in the marketplace. Hence, we market their credits to maximize their profits. Our California compliance portfolio means we can structure longer-term contracts delivering set volumes of credits.

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