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Compliance Tools of The Trade

Spot sales: instant and easy

  • Spot SalesBuy or sell issued volumes at today’s prices
  • Allows you to raise cash or acquire credits immediately
  • Standard settlement within 2 business days from trade date
  • We can arrange same day settlement if required


Forward sales: secure and simple

  • Forward SalesLock-in prices to buy or sell volumes for delivery in the future
  • Allows you to protect against market risk
  • Key advantage on buy side is no need to pay out cash until you need the credits
  • Key advantage on sell side is a small premium against spot prices
  • We can tailor-make future settlements to suit your specific needs


Swaps: cost-effective and quick

  • Compliance SwapsReduce compliance costs by swapping allowances for offsets – no middleman with our portfolio
  • Book a zero risk profit and receive cash straightaway
  • Be sure to make full use of your Phase 3 import entitlement – unlock value currently close to €6 per tonne


Sale and buy back: on-budget and optimized

  • Sale and Buy BackDon’t let a valuable asset just sit there – put your allocation to work for your business
  • Sell EUAs when you don’t need them and lock-in a price to buy them back when you do to boost your working capital
  • Faster and cheaper finance than a loan
  • Flexible term that can be rolled effortlessly if desired


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