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Camco's Environmental Markets in the California Cap-and-Trade Program

Our Renewables and Environmental Markets team works with project owners, standards agencies, third party auditors and scientific experts to measure and qualify emission reductions so they are eligible to be used as compliance offsets within California’s cap-and-trade program.

Camco Offering

Camco partners with project owners and investors to bring specialized management and focus on emissions reductions generated by their project. A standard crediting period, the length of time which a project can generate carbon offsets, is 10 years and a project will typically deliver verified offsets on an annual basis. At Camco, we believe that the nature of offset project development and implementation requires a partnership approach to reduce the risks associated with the carbon market. We’ve found that by minimizing up-front costs and expense to the project owner, it incentivizes both the project owner and Camco to continually work to improve the delivery of carbon offsets from a project. In North America and internationally, this approach has proven attractive and successful for a number of reasons:

  • It allows the project owner to focus on their core business and incentivizes Camco to focus on its' core business - generating and commercializing offsets.
  • It reduces up-front costs to the project owner.
  • It allows Camco to invest in systems and processes to improve and optimize the generation of carbon offsets.

We focus our origination efforts on areas we believe can generate significant revenue streams for investors and developers of clean energy in the carbon market. Our project types include those that reduce methane emissions, such as - livestock manure projects, projects that capture and destroy coal mine methane and capture fugitive methane from gas processing and completions, sequestration of carbon through forest protection and improved forest management programs and nitrous oxide emission reductions from agricultural practices.

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