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EU Emissions Trading Simplified

We provide our clients with the ability to trade and access a range of EUA, CER and ERU products, including straightforward and zero commission spot, forward, swap, and sale and repurchase contracts through a simple and fast set-up procedure. We are also expert in financial structuring and work with clients to develop bespoke transactions to meet their particular needs within the EU ETS, as well as keeping them abreast of all the latest market developments. 

Want to manage your exposure to the world’s largest emissions trading scheme at the least cost to your business?
Want to maximise the value of an unused EUA allocation or international credit entitlement?
Want to use your allocation to obtain finance for you business but still have it available to surrender come compliance time?
Want to free up some resources and take the admin out of meeting your obligations?


We understand that every business has different systems and objectives for their trades within the EU ETS. Whether you manage one installation or many, we can help you devise and execute a strategy specific to your circumstances. With Camco you can choose your approach to the market – the level of automation, sophistication and risk – but whichever way you choose we will ensure it is as transparent, simple and cost-effective as possible. We’d love to hear from you to get a deeper understanding of your requirements.

Unsure what changes in the EU ETS means for you or confused by jargon?

If you have a question about how the scheme operates or what the market is doing we’re happy to talk you through it and have a range or literature and analytical tools to support you. An introduction to Phase 3 and how the changes could impact you, plus a few useful tips can be found here .

Want to get a better idea of how you can control your position?

We have a suite of products and techniques available for you to choose from or use in combination. Learn about the basic methods adopted by our clients here.

Want to know why other companies are partnering with Camco?

Straightforward to set-up, easy to trade – see how we’ve made the process as fast and flexible as possible.

25 years history in emissionsmultiple awards – we haven’t just worked with emissions schemes and policies, we’ve helped design them.

Unique and price-leading access to our own 100m tonne CO2 portfolio – through us you have access to the best of both the primary and secondary market.

Trading and regulatory expertise from our commercial and policy teams – we offer all our clients technical and fundamental analysis of the market, so you won’t miss the key moves be they political, economic or on a chart.

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