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Getting to Grips with the EU ETS

EU Emissions Trading SchemeThe EU Emissions Trading Scheme covers size, types of installation, verification requirements, compliance instruments…

Phase 1 ran from 2005-7, Phase 2 from 2008-2012 and Phase 3 will run from 2013-2020.

All submissions and surrendering of compliance instruments takes place over the EUs online platform. Verified emissions for a calendar year must be submitted by 31 March and are made public on 1 April. An equivalent number of compliance units must be surrendered by 30 April and details of this are made public on 1 May.

Be sure to:

Not leave things to the last minute – you could be fined €100 per tonne CO2 emitted not covered by surrendered compliance units.

Carefully consider capacity changes to installations – a 50% reduction is the tipping point for your allocation to be adjusted but anything above this will have no impact.

Make sure you’ve used your international credit entitlement to the full – given the spread between allowances and offsets this has become highly valuable, pay particular attention to installations under closure because this cannot be recovered following the compliance period in which they are closed. Please see Making The Most of Your Entitlement for futher details.

Phase 3 of the EU ETS has seen wide-ranging changes that make it more important than ever to manage your position, but doing so need not be a complex or resource-intensive process. We’ll give you the lowdown on the main features, events and how you can respond to them. And with just your transaction data we can also supply our simple, free SnapReport outlining your status and options.

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