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Making it relevant – do you know the secret of RSVP?

So we are very serious about ensuring all our offsets deliver genuine emission reductions but we are equally serious about delivering projects that will resonate with your business. We want you to be as passionate about the projects you support as we are about developing them. We’d love to hear from you to get an understanding of your aims and gives you some ideas of how to go about this. But if you’d like to learn a little more first, we outline here the four main ways that a project can strike a chord your stakeholders – the right projects for you might just satisfy one really well or meet them all. We remember this as our “RSVP” approach and it’s the key to getting a response from your audience!

Make your emissions trading project relevant to your companyRegion – the project may be located in a region in which you operate. If it is offsetting emissions generated in that area then there is a natural fit. It may also benefit the local community and so help improve relations with your organisation there.

Supply chain – perhaps the project can integrate directly or indirectly with you supply chain. This had the added benefit of supporting and bringing cost savings to some of your stakeholders.

Values – most vital of all, the project should embody and speak the core values of your organization. There should be an emotional connection to your brand. This is why our projects set out to do more than just reduce emissions. We said earlier that an offset was intangible but the benefits our projects bring to their communities are anything but!

Project type – the project may implement a technology or technique that is has a connection to your business. For example, forestry projects make sense for any industry using quantities of timber or reliant on certain uses of land. Water intensive industries can support water treatment or purification projects. You may even supply products that are used in the project.

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