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What to look for in an offset provider

Camco AwardsIf you’re considering offsetting your emissions, there are a few questions you might want to ask before deciding whether to partner with someone.

Just how well do they know the industry? For instance, do they just market projects or have they actually developed them themselves? How about the leading standards by which projects are accredited and offsets are issued?

Are they expert in financial structuring?

Can they both maximise value for you and the impact of your investment in a project?

Do they have the knowledge and experience to unravel a complex and sometimes confusing marketplace for you?

Can they offer you a truly global choice covering the major project types whilst still only offering offsets that have met the most rigorous of requirements?

If you want to deal with a company that can answer yes to all the above questions, then contact us. 

We’ve developed well over a hundred offset projects – several broke new ground as the first of their kind – and are a five time winner of Project Developer of the Year awards, most recently this year. We’ve been commissioned to help develop two of the highest standards under which projects operate – The Gold Standard and Plan Vivo.

We’re also proud of our history of innovative financial structures and products, picking up Transaction of the Year on three separate occasions and completing the world’s largest clean energy transaction under the CDM.

We have a heritage of 25 years’ work in emissions and have over 1,000 emission assessments and 1,500 sustainability projects to our name, including several government schemes. With our background of investing in and advising on emission reduction and clean energy projects worldwide, we’re ideally placed to explain the market to you and more than happy to take the time.

We have one of the largest and most diverse offset portfolios – boasting a whole spectrum of climate, social and ecological benefits – but only offer projects that adhere to the most stringent specifications. See how our local teams make this happen.

Now, want to know what to look for in an offset (and why those stringent specifications really are so important)?

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