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What we believe

Mindful of the social impact of energyWe believe in a holistic approach that supports project owners from start to finish. That’s why we like to develop our own projects and are very selective in our development partners and sourcing. It’s about ensuring the integrity of the project and that the finance goes where it’s needed most. You also benefit from the cost saving of buying direct this way. See how we achieve this here.

We believe that the social and environmental benefits of projects can no longer be regarded as separate – improving lives is a fundamental part of the sustainability equation and vital to prevent carbon leakage. Much of the damage to our climate and ecosystems is driven by economic pressures, and one cannot be addressed without the other. See how our projects help tackle both here.

SustainabilityWe believe sustainability is a core value and should be at the heart of business strategy, not a ‘nice to do’ exercise in corporate relations. See how to integrate it here.

We believe all emission reductions claimed by offsets should be real, measurable, additional, permanent, unique and independently verifiable. See why here.

We believe offset sales should be fully transparent and that buyers should be enabled to find projects they can really connect with. Offsets should have a positive impact on both their buyers and producers. See how you can get a response through the secret of RSVP here.

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