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Working With Us

Simple contracts and streamlined set-up

  • a transparent, fast and confidential process in plain English and just 2 steps: complete Know Your Client (KYC) procedures + execute framework trading agreement – start the process now 

No fees, commission or minimum volumes just a bid-offer spread

  • once set-up we are always there to quote you a price

Place orders by phone, instant message or email

  • leave a market order, request an alert or trade live

Track your trading history

  • A full transaction log is maintained and you can re-order statements or invoices at any time to reduce the admin burden and keep your finance team happy

Tailor-make your approach

  • we help you assess your needs then deliver to your specifications, our sole focus is on emissions and we don’t engage in any prop trading so we can deliver you the best possible experience

Clear reporting based around you

  • we provide full details of the valuation of all your units, open positions and unrealised profit or loss, together with the ability to analyse different scenarios of your choice for all your installations or any subset of them, and will refresh on demand - decide what reports you want to receive and how often

Assistance with reporting and compliance

  • we can help you with EMIR and any other obligations or queries
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